7 Products to Add to Your Bathtime Routine, Stat

Is there anything better than a warm bath or a relaxing shower at the end of a long day? We think not. If you haven't been treating your bathtime as your "me" time, perhaps you just don't have the right products in tow. Check out these Swears our editors promise will help you feel good, fresh, and clean.

OUAI Chill Pills

“One of the main reasons my boyfriend and I decided on the apartment we have is because of the amazing bathroom. It’s large, even by New York City standards, with subway tiles and a huge spa bathtub. Ironically, we’ve been here two years now and I had never taken a bath in it until quarantine hit. Now, of course, I can’t stop. I can though, only take a bath though if there are bubbles and if I make the experience feel as much like a spa as possible. It took me a while to find a bubble bath option that didn’t make me feel like I was in middle school again but once I discovered the Ouai Chill Pills there was no looking back. They’re jasmine and rose scented bath bombs that have moisturizing oils that not only soothe me but actually make my skin feel amazing. After a particularly hot day when I’ve been drenched in sweat, I’ll pop one of these into the tub and it’s an instant vacation.” –Tara Gonzalez

EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser

“To avoid making a mess on my bathroom counters, I always wash my face in the shower or bath, and this moisturizing cleanser, which feels just like the rich milky cleanser my facialist uses, is my favorite. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin—even when my eczema is at its worse—and leaves my face feeling hydrated and dewy. A little bit goes a long way (I never need more than a small pump to wash off my makeup), so a bottle will last me a month or two.” –Jessica Leigh Mattern

Function of Beauty Body Wash

“I’ve been a fan of Function of Beauty’s customizable hair care products for quite some time, so when the brand recently launched body products I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a bottle the new body wash. The website lets you pick a formula that’s right for your unique skin type. You can even select your own scent and color (I went for lavender scented soap in a shade of light purple). I love the way it smells and how my skin feels after I use it.” –Christie Calucchia 

Olivia Care Olive Oil Verbena Bar Soap

“I’ve used this incredibly moisturizing soap for as long as I can remember. Made with simple hydrating ingredients like palm oil and olive oil, the bars cleanse and soften my skin with a luxurious lather. They’re must-haves during dryer winter months, but I use them all year round. The brand offers a variety of scents, including lavender and green tea, and my favorite is refreshing verbena. Best of all, Olivia Care is affordable. I like to think of them as the everyman’s L’Occitane, since a pack of four costs just a bit more than one of the French-made bars.” –Katie Macdonald 

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub with 10% AHA

“I tend to get small patches of keratosis pilaris on my legs and arms during the dryer, winter season and those can flare ups can last for months after. I tried everything to effectively combat my “chicken skin” and nothing was doing the trick until I found this KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub. I exfoliate my body with it twice a week, year-round (paying special attention to the areas that usually experience flare ups) and my skin has been smooth and bump-free ever since. I love that it not only decongests my pores, clearing up my KP, but also that it’s just a great body buffer for the rest of my skin. At less than $30, it’s my go-to shower tool for silky smooth skin.” –Stephanie Perry 

Elledge Bath Caddy

“There’s nothing more relaxing to me than a nice bubble bath, and this clever bathtub caddy makes my baths even more enjoyable. The tray expands so it can fit any size tub and has a slot or holder for practically everything, including your phone, book or tablet, beauty products, and most importantly, a glass of wine. Trust me once you use this, you’ll never take another bath again without it.” –Rebecca Carhart

natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath

“Sure, recommending a bath soak that costs over $100 is extremely ‘pinkies up’ of me, but this isn’t your average drugstore Mr. Bubble. This concrete-sprayed bottle is the exact bath product Madonna turns to when luxuriating in her own extra-ness. It’s the weighty, architectural objet d’art your teak tub caddy has been aching for. The syrupy soap within feels equal parts clean and romantic and mysterious, like bathing under a waterfall. Better yet (for my fellow realists out there) when this tub is tapped, you can easily refill it with a soak that’s *not* $100+ and no one will be any wiser. With packaging design this impressive, you’ll probably even fool yourself.” –Laura Reilly

I am Karla, the Editorial Coordinator for SwearBy. Life moves pretty fast, and nothing makes me happier than curating the amazing product recommendations from this community so women can discover the best new products, quickly. Outside of SwearBy HQ, I spend my days with my kids, dogs, husband...and TRY to find time to travel and hang with friends