7 Hand Sanitizers You'll Actually Like Using

If you’re like me, you ran through your Purell stock months ago and are now reliant on questionable off-brand hand sanitizer (I’m looking at you with the monocle emoji, grocery store medicine aisle. Why do you always leave my skin….tingly????). Blessedly, the perfectionist editors of SwearBy have done all the hand-wringing for us and found unexpectedly excellent sanitizing finds — all of which help kill viruses and more on contact.

Vegamour Hand Sanitizer Spray and Face Mask Bundle

We never thought we’d care about investing in chic face masks and hand-sanitizer, but welcome to 2020: #desperatetimes. Vegamour’s duo includes a citrus and lavender sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs—and a comfy mask you won’t tire of quickly. “Yes, this is technically a hand sanitizer pack, but it comes with a breathable face mask that has quickly become my favorite protective covering over the past few months,” says Christie Calucchia. “While you can’t purchase the mask on its own, snagging three travel-friendly bottles of hand sanitizer and a lightweight face mask for just $16 isn’t a bad deal.”

Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray

When Jessica Alba first co-founded Honest, we were a little annoyed: you’re going to reign in Hollywood aaaand the business world? But she does. People rave over Honest, particularly these plant-based sanitizers you can toss in your purse. “Living in NYC you definitely want to have [sanitizer] on hand for after the subway or before you eat,” says Sarah Gross, who loves the moisturizing factor and lavender scent. “But the regular Purell can dry out your hands SO fast. This sanitizer is amazing; it’s the best one I’ve tried.” Molly Pross touts its, yes, honesty: “This plant-based sanitizer spray is a great alternative to the standard antibacterial products on the market that contain harmful toxins and chemicals that should not be used on or around a baby.”

Jao Refresher Hand Sanitizer

Pssst. Apparently Ethyl Alcohol is just as effective yet way less drying than “rubbing” alcohol (shudder), a fact Jao already knows. Their blend also includes calming essential oils that are downright necessary in a pandemic, including lavender and sage. We can think of no better vote of approval than what celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal shared: “Every time I would use this awesome hand sanitizer before makeup application, Beyonce would literally say “mmmmm!” Moisturizing, smells like a spa and comes in a bunch of sizes!” But we stopped reading and hit “purchase” after the word Beyonce. 

Touchland Power Mist Forest Berry

If Apple made a hand sanitizer, it might look something like Touchland, which is as sleek and sexy as Purell isn’t. Plus, it actually works. Says beauty editor Anneke Knot: “In these times of constant sanitizing, the skin on your hands can take a real beating. This berry scented formula kills germs while leaving skin feeling hydrated.”

Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Arguably one of the biggest questions we have about all this sanitizing is how it’ll affect the little ones in our lives. So we were ecstatic Jessica Leggett shared this foaming hand sanitizer that’s both alcohol and fragrance free, in an easy-to-use (especially for teensy fingers) pump. “I buy these by the dozen and keep one in every purse, diaper bag, backpack, etc,” she says. “The bottles dispense just the right amount of hand sanitizer with all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff. Leaves your hands feeling clean, no funky smell or metal-y taste.”

Noshinku Bergamot Hand Sanitizer

It doesn’t get any chicer than this hand sanitizer from Noshinku. “It’s the sleek, sexy hand sanitizer that you will actually use,” says Lindsay Colameo. “The look and feel of the sleek black matte, soft-touch, rectangle packaging is reason enough to want to hold it and the exceptionally hydrating, germ-fighting formula inside is the added bonus. It leaves your hands feeling clean, but not in that stripped of every ounce of moisture way.” Plus, it’s basically the size of a credit card, so it can easily fit into your pocket.

Megababe Squeaky Clean Hand Sanitizer Pump

Want that squeaky clean feeling without your hands feeling dry AF? Try this hand sanitizer from Megababe. “This hand sanitizer is incredible. Especially during times like these, when washing and sanitizing our hands is so important, I cannot recommend this product enough. I’ve tried other hand sanitizing brands, but they usually have a strong smell and dry out my hands. Not with squeaky clean! My hands feel super clean and moisturized after using it,” says Carolina Dalfo.  Pick up her must-have. 

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