5 Products Nail Artist Betina Goldstein Always Has In Her Manicure Kit

If you've ever turned to Instagram to look for inspiration for your next manicure, you've no doubt stumbled upon Betina Goldstein's work. The LA-based nail artist has created countless manicures that have gone viral on social media, inspiring some of the hottest nail art trends. When she isn't at home coming up with the "next big thing" to take over the nail world, Goldstein is busy on set, working with her stacked celebrity clientele list which includes the likes of Zoë Kravtiz and Gemma Chan. In other words, when it comes to giving yourself a manicure, Betina Goldstein knows a thing or two about the products that you should be using to have gorgeous and healthy nails and hands.

While the country is slowing trickling back into nail salons, there are still many of us who would prefer to do our own nails in the safety of our homes. But whether you're giving yourself an at-home manicure or heading to your favorite nail tech, Goldstein has some tips for the products you should consider incorporating into your nail routine. Here are five products she always has in her kit, quarantine or not.

Karma Organic Spa Soybean Oil and Lavender Nail Polish Remover

“I have been using this product for over 6 years. And it’s the #1 must have in my kit. Acetone and regular nail polish remover is extremely harsh and can cause a lot of damage to your nails and surrounding skin. This nail polish remover is oil based and leaves your nails hydrated but still removes polish efficiently. Use with a cotton ball and rub off polish in a circular motion. Make sure to remove excess oil before polishing.”

Rejuve Naturals 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil

“If you nails are feeling dry and brittle or you need to rehab them after gels in my opinion there is nothing better than massaging pure vitamin E oil on your bare nails. Skip the Nail Hardeners that have sneaky chemicals, and go for the key ingredients that will actually help your nails. Your nails and cuticles will thank you.”

Augustinus Bader The Body Cream

“The Holy Grail of moisturizers in my opinion. I love the technology that Augustinus Bader puts in their products. It has no scent so its great for people that have sensitive skin and it leaves your skin looking youthful and plump. The large size is perfect to use everyday and last a long time. Mix with a drop or 2 of pure Vitamin E oil for extra hydration.”

Flowery® Nail Files

“The key to not only a great shape but no splits is a high quality nail file. It won’t disintegrate when you use it, leaving bits of grit on your nails and hands. I love these Flowery files for multiple reasons. One is their tampered shape. It allows you to get into hard to reach areas without lifting your nail. Another reason is the ability to sterilize and reuse them. I recommend using 180+ grit for natural nails.”

Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Body Polish

“The key to soft hands? Exfoliator. Scrub into hands, knuckles, and cuticles in a circular motion exfoliating all the dead skin. This product will leave your hand soft and smooth.”

Betina Goldstein is a Los Angeles-based manicurist. After working in television for several years, Goldstein found her true calling with her ability to create intricate art on a tiny canvas. Her celebrity clientele includes Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, Rosamund Pike, Gemma Chan, Zoey Deutch, Salma Hayek, Dakota Johnson, Bella Hadid, Hailey Beiber, Kendall Jenner, and many more. Goldstein’s work can also be seen in the pages of Elle, Harper's Bazaar, Allure, international issues of Vogue, W Magazine, Número, Interview, and in campaigns for brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Nike, Levis, Zara, and countless others.