5 Cooling Pajamas That'll Keep You Comfy On Those Summer Nights

Freezing your pillowcase before bed will only get you so far. In a heatwave, the coolest thing to do —literally — is don some breezy PJs. These options, all personally tested and beloved by SwearBy's community, are the next best thing to sleeping in your birthday suit, whether you want to conjure a throwback screen siren look or just need something comfy for a Netflix binge — just add ice cream in bed. 

Eberjey Gisele Short PJ Set

I swear by this item because it’s just the softest and most luxurious-feeling PJ set I’ve encountered! It’s sexy, and it’s sweet and it’s comfy! Wears well. Washes well.”—Kendra Seale

Roller Rabbit Posei PJs

The comfiest pajamas ever! I buy them for my kids and treat myself occasionally too.”—Natalie Thomas

Lunya Washable Silk Pajama Set

“You will not want to take this off! So cozy. So flattering. I’ve now bought the pants version as well and cannot wait to put on pajamas. Also, washable silk?!?! Say no to dry cleaning your pajamas guys and just buy this set ASAP. Every person I’ve gifted this has bought another pair.” —Mary Aldon

The Cat's Pajamas El Tigre Pima Knit Night Shirt

Cat’s pj’s are ridiculously soft and adorable! They have so many prints to choose from! It’s also super easy to pull on and look cute :)”—Kimberly Powell

Photo credit: product_31379 user_2254

Lake Poplin Shorts Set in Pale Pink

“I took a Webex meeting while wearing this set just this morning, only to have my boss comment that “of course I’d be wearing a button-down to work from home.” Wrong. Little did she know that I was wearing the softest cotton PJs set I’ve owned. Usually, I’m more of a sweater-and-yoga shorts-around-the-house girl, but this old-timey set makes me feel like Shirley Temple if she grew up to be Carrie Bradshaw and freelanced a lot from home.” — Laura Reilly

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