4 Swears for Anyone in Need of some #Fitspo

It's the end of January aka the time most of us start to reconsider continuing our resolutions /goals for the new year. Like a lot of you, I've made fitness a priority and goal, specifically trying to upkeep a consistent routine of doing some sort of physical activity. And honestly, it's hard to maintain, especially depending on the day or even the week. So, I've collected 4 of my favorite swears that are fitness-focused to help give us all that Fitspo (fitness-inspiration) to keep on moving and grooving ;) Read below for my top two favorite fitness icons to follow, as well as two great companies I follow and swear by. Why are these my all-time go-to's? Because each of these people/companies are authentic, genuine, and positive. I have never felt pressured or misunderstood by any of these great swears, which I feel like is rare in the fitness/wellness world. I hope you find these as wonderful as I do!

Danielle Pascente - KATG (@daniellepascente)

I swear by Danielle Pascente as one of my top 2 favorite Fitstas (Fitness-Instagrams). She’s a super authentic person that tells her highs and lows through her emails/insta stories in addition to really solid workouts. She’s a great person for anyone at any fitness level. I started off with her first ever 2 week challenge guide that she gave away FOR FREE (INSANE, I know) and it got me into a great routine. She never misses a comment on her post and is someone you want as your fit-friend. Super underrated. She offers several training guides you can buy or if you’re unsure about the purchase I recommend following her insta for her free workouts.


CASEY HO!!!!! She’s in my top two fitstas (fitness-instagrams) to follow. I’ve followed her since back in high school actually, and she is just the most bubbly and positive trainer. She posts all her content on her site, youtube, and instagram (and also has a cute pinterest), and I’ve never had to pay a dime for her workouts. Such a positive influence always pushing and encouraging her followers. Currently doing her 100 Ab Challenge which has been tricky, but super effective! She’ll give great modifications for her workouts where needed. Super inspired by her and her effort, progress, and attitude.

POPSUGAR Fitness (@popsugarfitness)

If you’re in need of fitspo, you MUST follow Popsugar Fitness (and just popsugar in general for everything else). They have great workouts for all levels, various trainers that contribute workouts/recipes, and they are always keeping it #100 with their motivational quotes. A great resource for anyone with questions or a desire to have a healthy mind/body 🙂

SELF: Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Beauty, Love, and Culture

I follow self on several platforms (instagram, pinterest, snapchat, their email newsletter, and just their website) and it’s a fantastic resource. They are a brand focused on healthy mind and body that promotes fantastic content. If I ever have a health question, am in need of a workout, or want to read a story about someone who’s in a similar situation to me, SELF has it all.

UConn grad, always trying to be expressive and creative in everything I do! I have an amazing family who motivate me every day to push myself to live my best life possible, so a lot of swears are inspired by them.