3 Little Swears: How I Keep My Skin Soft in the Winter

It's right around this time of year that my skin begins to develop its own version of seasonal affective disorder. Between the biting winds and low humidity outside and the bone-dry indoor heat, I feel like both my face and my body skin are in constant need of extra hydration. While I've never been of the belief that you have to overhaul your entire beauty regimen when the seasons change, I do think that adding a few cold-weather staples to your routine can make a world of difference. For example, using lotions and face masks with nourishers like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and honey can help lock moisture into your skin for long-lasting hydration. And swapping out powder makeup for creamy formulas that have built-in moisturizers and a hint of radiance will ensure your complexion looks fresh and healthy on even the most bitter-cold days. Here are three products I swear by during the winter to keep my skin soft and radiant from head to toe.

NARS Cosmetics Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

When another brand’s tinted moisturizer that I loved was discontinued, I asked my top makeup artist friends to recommend a new one, and they unanimously directed me to Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. Now I know why: the formula gives more coverage than most tinted moisturizers—in a good way. It evens out my skin tone and hides redness but still leaves it looking healthy and natural. It never settles into pores or gets cakey, but the coverage manages to stay on all day. And if I do decide to reapply a little more later on in the day, it layers on beautifully with no blotchiness.

Fresh Créme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask

One of the only face masks I’ve ever used where I actually still feel and see the effects of it on my skin the next morning. This ultra-nourishing treatment is made with real honey, which pulls moisture to the skin and helps it stay there, plus other excellent hydrators like shea butter, vitamin E, and meadowfoam seed oil. The mask is really think and kind of sticky (again, real honey in there!) and you need a washcloth to get it off your skin, but the results are so worth it. I leave this on for about 20 minutes and afterwards, my skin skin feels and looks so supple and stays that way through much of the next day. At $150, this mask is definitely a splurge, but you don’t need much to cover your entire face, so one jar lasts me all winter season.

Kiehl's Creme de Corps

No one ever told me I had soft body skin until I began using this lotion. Now I hear it anytime someone brushes up against me. For over a decade, I’ve been slathering this on after every shower and it keeps my skin so supple, even in the dead of winter. It’s really thick so it takes a good five minutes to fully absorb into skin, but the payoff is worth the wait. People talk about “velvety skin,” and this actually makes my skin feel like velvet. Best of all, the scent is extremely mild (I actually don’t smell any scent at all, but other people swear it has a slight scent!), so it doesn’t compete with whatever fragrance I’m wearing that day.

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