3 Feel-Good, For-You Picks to Treat Yourself in 2019

There's something obviously refreshing about the start of the new year. While you could easily begin integrating feel-good practices into your life on any random Thursday (or more likely a Monday) throughout the 365-day year, there's an added motivation that kicks in as we flip to that first insanely satisfying crisp, clean page of our 2019 calendar. It's a very obvious new beginning that feels like a forced annual reset, but a necessary one at that. In the spirit of giving, these three feel-good, for-you products are the perfect treat to kick off the new year with a lighter, brighter mindset. A seriously awesome water bottle for hydrating and the all the glowy benefits that go along with it. A deliciously cozy bedroom upgrade to make your beauty sleep extra dreamy. And a pretty little notebook to help you celebrate life with daily 'happy notes' that aren't measured by a like button. Go ahead, spoil yourself rotten, because YES, you deserve it! Cheers to brighter, dreamier, happier 2019.

BKR Spiked Air Kiss Water Bottle

This water bottle is not like other water bottles, it’s a cool water bottle. For starters, it’s visually intriguing to look at and equally as satisfying to the touch. It admittedly gets me excited to drink water and I most definitely find myself grabbing for this bottle more than others, with the added bonus of hydration and all the benefits that go along with that. It’s easy to clean and the jumbo size keeps you stocked throughout the day without a dozen refills. It makes the whole hydration process feel a little extra and for that reason alone I swear by this bottle.

Pure Beech® 100% Modal Sateen Sheet Set

I take sleep VERY seriously and these deliciously cozy sheets strike that perfect balance between silky-smooth and cuddly-soft that create the dreamiest bed imaginable. The silkiness adds a coolness that keeps is refreshing yet still remains breathable, but they also have that cozy soft touch that keep you warm and snuggled. They lay beautifully smooth and wrinkle-free on your bed and hold up well in the wash too. In short, they are pure, snuggled, dreamy bliss.

Happy Notes Notebook

I swear by this book so intensely, I designed a version to share with the world. I debated whether or not to include this in my swears given the fact that it’s a product and company I created myself, but I so genuinely believe in this product and what it stands for that I couldn’t help but include it. This notebook was designed to be a place to power through life, and celebrate it, with feel-good, for-you memories that aren’t measured by a like button. While I work through this notebook with to-do lists and work stuff, it reminds me to find a smile in everyday and then take some time every week, to remember these moments of joy from the week before, get excited for the adventures in the week to come, and set intentions for the days ahead. Keeping these ‘happy notes’ inexcusably convenient in the back of the notebook, make it easy to commit to this regular self love ritual that will undoubtedly make you a happier person. From the bottom of my heart, I guarantee it and hope you will one day swear by it too!

The product obsession began as a teen and developed to a full blown addiction in when I landed at Allure magazine in 2010 to manage the launch of an editor product review database. Five years and 6,700 product reviews later, it's safe to say I have a handful of genuine, vetted beauty (and non-beauty) recos that I solemnly swear by. Post-Allure, I joined the brilliant minds at YouCam Makeup (the world's leading virtual beauty app) as the Senior Beauty Editor, where we use AI and AR technology to reimagine beauty shopping and discovery. I continue to contribute to top beauty outlets and I recently launched a passion project, Happy Notes Book, to encourage feel-good, positive thinking that isn't measured by a like button. I've been the go-to beauty resource for friends and family for years now, and I'm excited to share my go-to product picks as official swears here on Swearby.com!