3 Bathe Like a Queen Beauty Gifts to Treat Yourself to This Winter

When it comes to baths, you’re either a lover or hater. For me, a tub of the warm bubbling suds is as dreamy as it gets. And these three luxurious bath sets give the whole experience an elevated, spa-like feel that instantly transform my bathroom into a mini relaxation escape. Whether you’re a bath lover (like me!), or just shopping for one, these are my ultimate ‘bathe like a queen’ favorites.

Origins Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath

The pungent pearly cream wafts an uplifting zesty, almost-lemony, scent that instantly boosts my mood. Or maybe that’s the effect of the ginger root easing all that stiffness and tension throughout my body while I bath. Either way, a date with this frothy soak leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed and I enjoy every single second of it.

Copper+Crane Complete Spa Gift Package

This brand was created with the bath lover in mind and it shows. From the gorgeous packaging I leave proudly displayed in my shower/tub-side, to the pampering formulas I soak in and lather on, this beautiful collection is a treat for (almost) all my senses (don’t eat it though!). This fully stocked gift set includes the full bath experience from soak, to polish, to cleanse, to moisturizing—plus a super cool copper peel off face mask that comes off in one insanely satisfying sheet. It also comes in a pretty, giftable tote bag that I use all the time.

The Ritual of Yalda Gift Set

This sexy keepsake box gives off instant spa vibes before you even open it up. The red velvet bath bomb, whipped shower foam, silky body cream, and sensual candle nestled inside just drive home the point. Each product is more pampering then the next and create a truly spa-like experience right at home. The fragrance is deliciously refreshing with just enough comforting sweetness from the pomegranate and watermelon it’s formulate with. If you’re a bath lover, like myself, you will seriously soak up every element of this set.

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