12 At-Home Workouts That Will Make You Sweat So Good

Yeah, you’ve tried seven-minute workouts. You’ve even tried four-second workouts. But sometimes, you just need to go hard and get your heart rate up, not just for your health, but for your own sanity. Here, our SwearBy community’s favorite ways to do just that, including classes and gear, from the comfort of your own home. (Bonus: a post-workout reward cocktail is within easy reach.)

Daily Burn Workout App

“As a stay at home working mom running my business, going to the gym too often is the first thing to be cut when I have a lot to do. With Daily Burn, I can still get an energizing workout in as little as 20 minutes, without travel time! Bonus – my kids love to participate in the workouts!”—Megan Brosterman

Peloton Exercise Bike

“I have been spinning for years and now that they have a payment plan I FINALLY got a Peloton bike at home and LOVE it! the most convenient workout and you can ride in classes from the comfort of your own home OR ride through Paris in the morning OR watch Netflix on your TV. It’s been a game-changer for me!” —Kristin Peterson Edwards

Kait Hurley - Move. Meditate. Feel Amazing.

“I admit to being a lazy exerciser. I go through phases where I’ll get excited about a new workout or class but have trouble making the time in my busy schedule to maintain a regular exercise routine. When I discovered Kait Hurley’s online workouts, I was hooked. Most of her classes are about 20 minutes long and require nothing more than a yoga mat and some hand weights. After the workout, she leads you through a meditation. I find it so easy to fit the class in when it’s only half an hour and doesn’t require leaving my house! And the consistency of the workouts, coupled with the meditation practice, is making me feel both mentally and physically strong.” —Caroll Lee

Chloe Bruce KickFit Workouts

“I love that her workouts are easy to follow but super challenging in different ways than you would get in a regular HIIT workout class. The workouts focus on range of motion and martial art kick skills. They’ll have your legs and butt feeling the burn! Plus, the workouts are super quick and can be done from anywhere! Score.”—Katherine Kitfield

AKT: Studio Classes and on Demand Workouts

“Of course I’d swear by this! I’ve curated all my best workouts from my studios and private celebrity sessions so you can experience them at any time. Whether it’s the gym, beach, or hotel suite, you can take the app to stream my workouts anywhere.”—Anna Kaiser

Danielle Pascente - KATG (@daniellepascente)

“I swear by Danielle Pascente as one of my top 2 favorite Fitstas (Fitness-Instagrams). She’s a super authentic person that tells her highs and lows through her emails/insta stories in addition to really solid workouts. She’s a great person for anyone at any fitness level. I started off with her first-ever 2-week challenge guide that she gave away FOR FREE (INSANE, I know) and it got me into a great routine. She never misses a comment on her post and is someone you want as your fit-friend. Super underrated. She offers several training guides you can buy or if you’re unsure about the purchase I recommend following her insta for her free workouts.”—Bianca D’Agostino

Pilates Reformer

“I took a few personalized Pilates sessions with a trainer a while back and really liked the workout. I’m not really a high speed, high impact workout session person, so I found Pilates reformer work way more my speed. I liked it so much I bought this reformer for home and use it at least 4 times a week. It’s helped in my weight loss journey (70lbs to date), but also with strength training and flexibility…literally, the best stretch I’ve ever been able to get for all body parts! It’s easy to use and low impact but with measurable results…super happy with the “tightening” I’m getting particularly in my inner thighs and arms. This is an investment for sure, but worth every penny…swear!” Heather Darke

The NW Method by Nicole Winhoffer

“Nicole Winhoffer is an incredible motivator & she will seriously kick your butt while making you still feel good about yourself in the process. Her workouts are all dance-based and super fun. She also has online classes so if you’re not in NY or LA, you can still enjoy it!”—Bridget Badore

Aaptiv Personal Training

“I work from home and am a mom of an active little boy. So I really wanted to find a fitness program that I could fit into my schedule. Aaptiv offers it all and is on-demand, so you can use this inside at a gym or outside in your backyard or park. It’s kept me motivated and in shape. I swear that you’ll love it too!”—Jen Stewart

Jump N Rope R2 Trainer

“Jumping rope is a great workout — and there is no better way to learn (relearn?!) how to get your heart rate up than with this trainer rope. And regardless of your interest in Crossfit, where Double Unders (eg rope goes around twice per jump) are a staple, this rope features the best weight and handles to learn how to master Double Unders.”—Christine Morrison

Titan Fitness 3-in-1 Portable Foam Plyometric Box

“With one box, you can have three heights — 20″ 24″ 30″ — to accommodate all of your workout needs. As a Crossfitter who has fallen (and bled!) one too many times doing box jumps on a wooden box, this is a game-changer. Lightweight and portable make it fun for family use as well — you’ll be surprised how high even the youngest children can jump!” —Christine Morrison

NEOU OnDemand Fitness

“I am SO grateful, with my three kiddos 3-and-under, plus teaching all over NYC, that I can hop onto NEOU any time, anywhere, and get in a workout of any kind for any length of time. I have been doing video workouts for a long, long time, and their production quality is the best I have seen. Their instructors are incredible, and they even have meditation and physical therapy in addition to all of the traditional workouts you could imagine. You can do CrossFlowX™ with me, boxing with someone else, and kettlebells with one of the most famous fitness faces around! You can do it on your computer, television, or mobile device. NEOU literally takes all the excuses away, and I am so grateful that I CrossFlowX™ will be available 1/14/19, and that I get to use it any time I need!”—Heidi Kristoffer

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