11 Art/Craft Projects for Kids’ Development

With summer camps and playdates across the country shuttered, you may be feeling pressed to come up with non-screen time entertainment ideas for littles stat. Never fear, SwearBy is here with umpteen arts and crafts ideas that will help your tots way more than a session watching TikTok. 

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Supply Library

I think Kid Made Modern makes fantastic gifts for arts and crafts loving kids. I’ve given them to my own daughters starting last year at holiday time, and I’ve started to make these and other sets by this brand my go-to birthday gifts for my daughters’ arts and crafts-loving friends.”—Megan Brosterman

Edx Education Rainbow Pebbles

“I love smaller objects (as long as they aren’t choking hazards!) for children because they are rare to come by. Part of what they love when they are young is sorting, collecting, and dumping. With this set of colored pebbles, they can literally do any of that and more. Older children can create patterns with them (you can order pattern cards with them too) while younger children will just enjoy exploring them.”—Mo’ Mommies

Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Reusable Color With Water Pad 3-Pack - Farm, Safari, Under the Sea: Toys & Games

This was a constant in our toddler bag! It is a mess-free activity that keeps on giving! Melissa & Doug have a ton of different variations, so we kept a couple handy to keep even our grade-school-aged kids entertained.”—Christine Gutierrez

Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

LEGO sets are awesome for kiddos, but can be pricey and often just sit on the shelf like a trophy when complete. I swear by these because you get a lot of bang for your buck, and the kids can just make whatever they want, take it apart, and then just make something new with their imagination. It does also come with an instruction booklet to make specific things (cars, flowers, etc.) if you prefer. It’s been a really nice reprieve from watching too much TV during this time at home!”—Regina Lawrence

Parista Really Big Coloring Poster

Also file under ‘Well-Behaved Children.’ I bring these to family gatherings to keep kids of all ages entertained and working together harmoniously on a single project. These Parista coloring posters are available in a variety of themes, but in always-stylish illustrations. With the ability to roll it up and unroll again later, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!”—Cricket Lengyel

Fashion Plates Drawing Set

“I had these as a child and now my 7-year-old daughter loves her some Fashion Plates…sweet, creative, throwback fun to come up with your own looks by mixing and matching the plates. Her little brother loves to try, too!”—Kate Foster Lengyel

Crayola Colored Pencils

I love colored pencils for kids – way less mess/risk than pens and crayons that either inadvertently get on clothes/couches or break. Don’t get me wrong, you “need” those things too…but there’s something I love about the drawing accuracy of a pencil. I also have a canvas pencil wrap for each of the kids which is super handy for travel/restaurants (I have that in my swears as well). Put together, it’s a super user-friendly, cheap, and handy set for kiddos…”—Regina Lawrence


This provides so much entertainment for my kids and their friends – it’s addictive!”—Megan Brosterman

Paint by Sticker Kids

“These are so much fun for my kids (ages 6 and 5). They’re easy to take out (restaurant, airplanes, drives) without the many pieces and mess of coloring books & crayons. Just one thing to grab.”—Lauren Manthripragada

Green Toys Sesame Street Neighborhood Maker Coloring Activity Set

“All recycled products, coloring set. My daughter played with this set many times. Color each character and then create a neighborhood with the characters. There are also other sets to choose from as well.”—Melissa Karvonen

Big Life Journal for Kids

“What a great “Growth Mindset” tool to help guide my little ones as they blossom into creative, generous, confident gentlemen.

As their “journal buddy” we go through the topics—26 in all—each covering a new theme. Each theme teaches us, asks us to think long and hard about things (which is the most fun conversation you can have with a deep 9-year old; it’s truly lovely time together!) and allows for drawing and other creativity. Some examples: Make a Difference in the World, Dream Big, Follow Your Heart, You Are Not What You Have, Believe in Yourself, Take Action, Be Persistent, Effort is Key, Love Learning, Be Mindful, Be Grateful, Failure is Learning, Be Positive.” —Christine Morrison

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