10 Travel Gifts Sure to Inspire Wanderlust

We’re always in full support of a new travel adventure and know how important bringing along the right gear is. We’ve rounded up the ultimate must-haves for the globetrotter in your life. From a lightweight camera to capture stunning photos to a beautiful jewelry case to keep things organized, we know these items will definitely make your favorite wanderer’s packing list.

Away & Aware: A Field Guide to Mindful Travel

“I absolutely love this little book. As a former magazine travel editor, I find myself nodding along to every page. Sara Clemence collected all the hard-won advice that travel editors and writers live by, some practical (bring printouts of your passport; take a scarf, leave your jeans), some inspirational (‘each day, choose a moment to commit to your memory bank’). The book reminds you that travel is about so much more than ticking off boxes or posing for Instagram shots. And the watercolor illustrations are beautiful. This is the perfect little gift for travel lovers.” —Gina Hamadey, founder of Penknife Media, Inc. and former travel editor at Food & Wine

Hudson and Bleecker Grotta Globetrotter Jewelry Case

“The perfect travel jewelry case. Don’t be fooled by the small size – this case can fit a TON of jewelry, and with room to spare.” —Hitha Palepu, founder of Rho Pharmaceuticals

White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wraps

“These are just the best. THE. BEST. The lightweight cashmere travel wraps act as a blanket (or pillow) on the plane and a scarf on the road. A few of the brighter colors go on sale once in awhile. (Postscript: I lost my black-and-pink striped one. If anyone is brainstorming holiday presents for me, look no further.)” —Gina Hamadey

Sony Alpha a6000 Mirrorless Digitial Camera

“I am a hobby photographer. I used to carry a DSLR, but I wanted a lightweight camera with Wi-Fi capabilities that I could easily bring anywhere. You can snap a picture and send it to your phone, so it’s perfect for social media, traveling, whatever. It has good picture quality and interchangeable lenses if you want to upgrade. It’s the perfect camera for the casual photographer, or anyone looking for a camera that’s portable, but still high-quality!” —Nicole Gibbons, interior designer

Trtl Neck Pillow

“Markedly less silly looking than all other travel pillows, this guy just looks like a not-that-stylish scarf. Plus, it provides more support than the inflatable kind.” —Zoe Chapin, producer

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

“This spray feels great, but also comes in handy when I am traveling with my two little kids. iPads and little treats and snacks distract them for awhile, but there’s always a point during the flight when cabin fever hits, whining ramps up, and fights start brewing. That’s when everyone gets a spritz. It makes them laugh and gives them a reset.” —Gina Hamadey

Travel Packable Classic Coat

“I love that I can bring this rain coat anywhere. It packs up into a small pouch that comes with the jacket. It’s an ultra functional jacket but at the same time looks super chic and sophisticated.” —Sarah Moss, creative director

Skyroam Hotspot

“One of the things I absolutely hate in life is bad Wi-Fi. Especially when I’m traveling! Skyroam is a super convenient, portable Wi-Fi device that lets me stay connected globally. Not only is it great for catching up on emails on the fly, but it’s also clutch for keeping on track with social media. Tweets, Instagram, Facebook… when I’m traveling for work I need to be posting so it’s simply awesome to have. Not to mention I always have access to things like Google Maps which has seriously saved me so many times. It’s also a portable charger! One more awesome perk is that you can share it with up to five people, so basically when you’re using it, you’re blessing your whole crew with Wi-Fi.” —Chelsea Davis, travel journalist

Kitty and Vibe Scoop Top

“You can wear this top not only for swimwear, but also as a go-to yoga get-up, or a bra to lounge in.” —Cameron Armstrong, CEO and founder of Kitty and Vibe Inc.

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