10 Gifts Your Foodie Friends Will Love

We all have that one friend that won’t let us dig into dinner until she Instagrams the table spread from multiple angles, is always raving about the latest kitchen gadget and has every food blog bookmarked. In this guide, we sought out the ultimate gifts for the food-lover in your life, which includes small batch granola and chef-loved Le Creuset cookware, all which are sure to impress.

Brigade Kitchen Set

“Brigade makes building out your kitchen incredibly easy. By telling you these four items can get the job done really eliminates a lot of stress and research on the consumer side. Also, its a DEAL! $260 for three 5-ply pans and a Damascus steel santoku knife? Get it while it’s hot. PS – Starting Black Friday, you can ‘Choose your discount’ with two options, one is 25% off all products (with the code BKHOLIDAY) or 15% off all products, and 10% will be donated to City Harvest (with the code GIVEBACK).” —Josephine Finnegan, co-founder of Brigade Kitchen

Modern Classics Oval Baker

“These are gorgeous, cook well and are easy to clean.” —Lori Gadkari, director, philanthropy

Written Coffee Bundle Pack

“Amazing tasting coffee from a female roaster in Florida. Each ‘chapter’ release tells a different story.” —Lindsay Knaak-Stuart, founder and CEO of Meant

Sam's Granola: Seriously Delicious handmade granola in small batches.

“I grew up on sugary cereals that packed on calories and skimped on quality. I wanted to do better for my son. This is the best granola, freshest ingredients and it tastes so goooood.” —Jessica Henriquez, writer, editor, teacher

Le Creuset Cookware | Williams Sonoma

“These pots are durable and perfect for cooking anything evenly. They are also easy to clean. Most of all, these are gorgeous on the stove top.” —Lori Gadkari

Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Spray | Caldrea

“This countertop spray is the best. I love the Sea Salt Neroli scent and the Ginger Pomelo. It cleans well and leaves your whole kitchen feeling spick and span (even when it isn’t). A quick spray down before company comes will fool everyone!” —Lauren Kay Soufleris, editor

Pure Artistry Cookbook

“Extraordinary vegan and gluten-free cakes! Whether to bolster your own health or to serve friends and family with any array of dietary needs, these fantastic works of edible art are special not only on the outside but inside, too—sure to please every eye, palate, and body.” —Emily Lael Aumiller, owner and chef of Lael Cakes; author of Pure Artistry

Bodum French Press

“I’m a total coffee addict. I’ve always loved French press coffee. I do enjoy espresso drinks, but I have no skills in that department, so I leave that to the baristas at my local coffee shop. At home, this is how I brew about two big, strong cups for myself, which is a daily habit. I can’t get my day going without it. Bodum makes some of the best at a great price. They’ll last you a lifetime.” —Caroline Schiff, chef and creative consultant

Tea Press

“I’m a big believer of steeping loose leaf tea over prepackaged bags. A tea press makes it easy to infuse your favorite teas with fresh ginger and zests for a flavorful, nourishing cup of tea.” —Emily Lael Aumiller, owner and chef of Lael Cakes; author of Pure Artistry

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

“This book isn’t quite a cookbook and not quite a reference book, but somewhere in between. It’s great for building recipes, developing dishes and menu items. It’s a must have for brainstorms. I used this book a ton when I worked in restaurants and had to build complex plated desserts. Now, I use it when I’m developing menus or items for clients.” —Caroline Schiff

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