Swear Profile November 16, 2017

Six Degrees of Khirma Eliazov: Swears from NYC’s Most Popular Designer

When in conversation, we may casually mention our friend, handbag designer Khirma Eliazov. The other party will inevitably say “You know Khirma? She’s one of my best friends.” That’s the power of Khirma; everybody knows and loves her. Khirma is a unique blend: one part free-spirit creative talent, mixed with a dose of grit and determination, and topped with pure kindness and compassion. She has a celestial quality that draws people in and makes them instantly want to be her friend. That means Khirma has friends in every city across the globe, never lacking for a dinner companion as she travels far and wide to seek inspiration or a sale for her luxury handbag collection. But she’s never too far to return to NYC and tend to her West Village shop and her adorable pup, Ollie, a shaggy and lovable Wheaton Terrier. We visited Khirma’s chic Charles Street boutique to take Ollie for a walk and get Khirma’s scoop on a few things that she Swears By. 

1. Haribo Gummy Bears

“I launched my business 8 years ago and before I left for my first big work trip, a friend gave me a goody bag for the plane with Gummy Bears. I love them, and now they remind me of all my travels and how far I’ve come. Also, they feel like home because you can get them anywhere in the world. I always grab a bag before a flight.”

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2. FujiFilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

“I love documenting my life, and the pictures I capture with this camera feel more special than a normal picture I’d take on my phone.  I think there’s something to being able to hold a picture in your hands.”

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3. Chanel Rogue Coco Lipshine

“This is the perfect red lipstick for the woman who doesn’t wear much make-up. It is sheer and moisturizing. It truly creates the ultimate understated red lip.”

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4. DeeDee Saddle Bag with Guitar Strap

“The personalized, hand-embroidered guitar strap can be attached to any bag, and it instantly changes the whole aesthetic.  I always say that when my friends are wearing other designer’s bags, but my guitar strap, they are only half cheating on me.”

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5. KREWE Sunglasses

“I only carry a product in my store if I really believe in it.  I carry these.  They’re made in New Orleans, and the designs are so simple, yet elegant.  Their frames were designed to highlight individuality, without being too out there…. See? They even make Ollie look more put-together!”

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