Swear Profile December 19, 2017

Hello, Good Hair Day: 5 Swears from Entrepreneur Simone Tetteh

Simone Tetteh is the co-founder of the mobile platform Bonnti, which helps women of color find hair stylists. She describes the app as Tinder meets LinkedIn, but for hair; stylists can communicate with their potential clientele in a fun and engaging way.  Simone used to travel a lot for her work in the fashion industry, and finding a hairstylist in London or Paris who could handle curly hair was an unnecessary challenge.  She once chased down a woman in a parking garage in LA to ask who did her hair…and a business was born.  Now that’s what we call a passion project.  Since she’s empowering women to demand more options for their hair, we thought that she’d be equally impressive on the topic of Swears. And we were right. Skin care, hair care (of course!), accessories and more, we got the 411 from this connected entrepreneur on the products that keep her motivated to detangle a big beauty need for women. Read below to see what Simone SwearsBy.

1. Luna Sunday Riley Serum

“I’m a serious skincare junkie.  I got this at Sephora, which is like my second home, and I honestly felt a little duped into getting it because it’s obviously a splurge.  But when I tell you life-changing serum, I’m not being hyperbolic.  I think beauty products should be two things: fun and effective.  I love this design and it’s made with blue tansy oil, so after you apply it, it just melllllttttssss right into your skin.  You wake up and your skin is radiant.  Works for potential acne, acne scars, dullness, fine lines and aging…really anything.”

Available at Sephora

2. Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi

“I read a lot and I was debating which book to share. I landed on this one because even though it seems very specific to my experience [author Yaa Gyasi is a first-generation Ghanian immigrant, as is Simone] each short story is powerful on its own.  The stories string together to create a beautiful narrative about connectivity between generations and lineage.”

Available on Amazon

3. Lizzy Fortunato Earrings

“Lizzy Fortunato is a brand that creates these amazing, luxe earrings with a sort of global influence that still feels a bit homemade.  Every collection they have is just gorgeous and I feel like they are the epitome of the statement earring. They really make a look. “

Shop the entire collection here

4. Vernon Francois Pure-Fro Moisture Spray

“I have naturally really curly, crazy, wild hair.  It gets so dry, so I don’t like to wash it everyday.  I think of this as sort of the concept of dry shampoo, but with conditioner.  My hair doesn’t get greasy, but it gets dull and dry, so this helps keep it fresh even days after I wash it. Oh, and it smells amazing. “

Check out the entire collection here

5. Apothia Los Angeles Bronzed Candle

“Lighting a candle when I get home from a long day is my favorite way to relax. I bought this at the Warm Boutique in SoHo, and I love how it’s scent is both urban and rustic.  It feels ritualistic, comforting, yet also lux and chic.”

Available on Amazon
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