Hedgehouse Toulouse Throwbed

A THROWBED is a portable bed made to throw anywhere – indoors or out, city or country, beach or lake, upstairs or down, villa or studio apartment. The THROWBED is for every man, woman, and child (and sometimes even your pet) who wants to add a little luxury and comfort anywhere they may be.

I am obsessed with our throwbeds. We have two - one for each kid. They are used all. the. time. for a zillion different reasons: sleepovers, glamping, lazy Sunday mornings, etc. They are chic (they come in so many different patterns for nearly every style) and beyond comfortable. Lay them down on the floor and a kid or two + dog will immediately appear to happily lounge for hours. Fold it up and stick it in a "house fort" or teepee for comfy play. Lay it down under a sleeping bag for a luxurious camping (or sleepover) night's sleep. We throw these babies around constantly. Plus they quickly and easily roll back up/clean up. Aannnddd ... they have washable covers!!

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