This Is Mexico City by Abby Clawson Low

This Is Mexico City by Abby Clawson Low. This gorgeous travel and look book is a love letter to Mexico City that celebrates in photographs and descriptive text the vibrant cultural, architectural, design, art, and culinary destinations in this extremely popular and trending destination. Vast and exciting, Mexico City has so much to offer for both tourists and locals. This Is Mexico City is a visual and descriptive guide with an emphasis on design, art, architecture, and culture, showcasing the best museums (both traditional and off-the-beaten-path), old-school mercados, public art, locals' favorite restaurants--from the fancy to the food trucks--and more. This lifestyle-driven city tour will captivate Mexico City's residents, future and past visitors, and even armchair travelers enjoying from home everything that this incredible city has to offer.

This gorgeous book is by my talented friend Abby Low. She's the most incredible designer and has the best aesthetic. She lived in Mexico city and did every aspect of this guide. It will make you want to go there immediately but is also just super stunning to have on your coffee table to peruse.

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