The Tag*a*Long Stroller Handle

Keep little walkers by your side. Easy to attach and fun to hold, this stroller handle is a great way to teach kids to stay close as they gain their walking independence. This handle easily attaches to diaper bags, strollers, and shopping carts in seconds. The tag*a*long is perfect for crossing the street, parking lots and busy areas.

Think of this as like the product you didn't know you needed. My oldest likes to hold onto the stroller while he scoots and I "drag him" along. Fun for him, but sometimes annoying as it's like a quad workout when I didn't really want one and his wheel always hits the stroller wheel. This solves a lot of those issues. He can hold onto the stroller (doesn't seem as heavy when he's not leaning on the bar) and it keeps him away from the wheel. It's also like an extra hook or hand if your little one wants to walk and "hold your hand" but that can be hard when you're also pushing a stroller.

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