The NW Method by Nicole Winhoffer

The NW Method is a dynamic mind-body experience which sculpts your curves, frees your spirit and conditions the body and mind to connect with one’s personal power. Founded by Nicole Winhoffer, a global fitness artist, spiritualist, savvy entrepreneur, this one-of- a-kind program ignites confidence and promotes a mind, body and soul connection through choreographed movement and expression, while changing your figure. The 55-minute workout, through repetition, targets the three major problem areas of the body: behind the arms, the waist, and the buttocks all while choreographed to the beat of a curated playlist. While classes are taught in New York City and Los Angeles, Nicole Winhoffer also offers a video subscription streaming service, NW Church, that allows fans to workout anytime!

Nicole Winhoffer is an incredible motivator & she will seriously kick your butt while making you still feel good about yourself in the process. Her workouts are all dance based and super fun. She also has online classes so if you're not in NY or LA, you can still enjoy!

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