Té Company Pineapple Linzer Cookie

The Pineapple Linzer Cookie is an interpretation of the traditional pineapple cake from Taiwan. It's handmade with fresh ingredients from scratch. The two discs of hazelnut shortbread are filled with pineapple jam.

As a tea-lover, it's hard for me to avoid not making a purchase on Té Company every five minutes. Founded by Elena Liao, Té Company is known for its scrumptious tea imported from Taiwan. I love the company for its Baozhong oolong and Jade Rouge black teas, but really, it's the brand's Pineapple Linzer Cookies that really take the biscuit (excuse the pun). A refreshing take on Taiwan's famed pineapple cakes, the fragrant Linzer cookies aren't overly sweet, making them the perfect afternoon snack when paired with a cup of green tea. If you're ever in New York, be sure to check out Té Company's storefront in the West Village — you won't find a more serene and relaxing tea room anywhere else.

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