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The cutest backpacks, perfect size for a little one starting preschool and older

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I am a big fan of feel good purchases and STATE sits at the top of my list. For every bag sold STATE donates a backpack loaded with essential school supplies to students in underfunded communities.

In addition to helping kids in need, I love this purchase because buying STATE backpacks for my boys allowed me to start a conversation with them about social responsibility and what it means to be a citizen of the world.

Aside from the cool factor of being a "give-back-pack", the bags are also really well made, come in great colors, fabrics and prints and are versatile enough to be worn by both kids and adults (my husband AND my father-in-law have the Bedford Williamsburg in Olive.)

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STATE bags combine a great give-back element with durability and the perfect size. These will hold up to your toddler throwing them across the room, using them as a seat and generally being a toddler. The colors and patterns are great too.

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First off, they always knock it out of the park with their super fun styles. Second, great quality. Third, the mission of this company is the best! They are not just a one-for-one company, they take it to the next level...they stuff backpacks filled with essentials and give to kids in underserved communities. They first started with a cool non-profit camp, Camp Power, where they’d bring city kids out to a camp in the country late August. Kids showed up with their stuff in trash bags and the idea of State was born. Their bag drop videos are amazing to watch, and they’ve partnered with everyone from Beyonce to Star Wars. Great product and great cause.

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