Sheltered Co. Weighted Blankets

Created by a mother's loving hands. Designed to provide deep pressure when draped over the body, it gives comfort and security. Perfect for calming the "fight or flight" response of the body. How it works: Weighted blankets provide soothing pressure to the body which stimulates receptors in the skin to calm and regulate the nervous system. This triggers a release of serotonin and dopamine which aid in the regulation of emotional responses and reduces the stress hormone, cortisol.

Sheltered Co. blankets are gorgeous and magical! The blankets themselves look fantastic on a bed or sofa as pure decor. Their magical powers come in when you sit or lie under them. It feels like you're being hugged. I love to drape one over my lap while I'm working from home. It definitely cuts down on my stress. Placebo? Maybe. But like I said, it's pretty and harmless!

After death and serious illness hit too close to home, my 7 year old son started having anxiety at bedtime. I started covering him with my adult sized weighted blanket and found that he was immediately comforted and stopped being stressed and upset. He calls it his huggy blanket and loves sleeping with it.

I love that the weight in the blanket comes from the fabric itself - not from additional weights added to the blanket. The blankets are breathable and natural, using only recycled or dead stock fabrics. You can just feel that they're made with so much love and care.

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The holy grail of weighted blankets -- it's beautiful, comfortable and the perfect addition to our bedroom.

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