Seemore Sausage Variety Pack

Picking favorites is hard, now you don’t have to. Our variety pack includes La Dolce Beet-A, Broccoli Melt, Loaded Baked Potato, and Bubbe’s Chicken Soup. These flavor-packed sausages are made with humanely raised meat, fresh veggies and delicious herbs.

There are so many reasons I love Seemore's Meat and Veggies. First and foremost, the brand's vegetable-forward sausages are delicious. It offers five flavors, including Broccoli Melt and Chicken Parm that are perfect for topping pizza, tossing into pasta, or simply eating by themselves. Secondly, it has a mission to help people eat meat responsibly, not only by packing its fully-cooked sausages with fresh vegetables but also by using carbon credits to offset its emissions. And I think it's pretty cool that Seemore's is founded and operated by a fourth generation female butcher (you don't see many of those!). Gifted

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