rev'pod™ Ultra-Soft Travel + Loungewear

rev'pod™ is your ultra-soft personal dreampod, a cozy cocoon of love. A game changing new travel + loungewear solution! Features an exclusive fabric blend and lots of travel-savvy features. Packable, Sustainable, Made in USA. #revpod

I hate, hate fuss when I travel. There’s so much going on anyway. I do love
adventure but being away from home and your loved ones can be difficult at times. So my friends and I, all wanderlusters at heart, came up with this ultra-soft travel and
loungewear which includes everything from a hidden eye-mask, pockets & mittens to
snaps so that you can walk around in it without ever having to take it off! It rolls up so
that it is easy to travel with, just throw it over your rollerboard handle. Plus the fabric is
sustainable, we plant a tree with each rev’pod ™ purchased and it’s all made in LA! We
wanted to be as responsible as possible with our creation. Being in my rev’pod ™ makes me feel cocooned and safe. My home away from home in a way. You can find out more about the product on our Instagram @getrevpod.

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