Curie Regular Formula Deodorant

Curie is an all natural, aluminum-free deodorant that smells amazing and actually works. Made with natural ingredients that your body understands. No aluminum, no parabens, no artificial fragrances.

I've been trying to make the switch to natural deodorant for awhile, and now that I'm expecting, it's even more important to me. I have tried a number of brands, and some work ok, but smell like a pine tree. Or they're really dry and rough to apply. Or they just don't work. So far, Curie is by far my favorite option that I've tried. It smells lovely - soft and light - and it works quite well. I have noticed a little bit of underarm irritation occasionally, so next time I order I'm going to try their "sensitive skin" formula to see if that helps. Will report back once I've tried on whether that solves the issue and if that version is still as effective.

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