Practice You: A Journal by Elena Brower

Practice You: A Journal by Elena Broweron When the way forward seems uncertain, where can we turn for guidance we can trust?

Today’s pace of life is a million miles an hour. Mine is no different, and whenever people ask me how I manage to keep it together, I tell them about Elena Brower and Practice You. She is my guru, my life coach, and a yoga teacher who’s put together the most amazing journal to elevate and inspire. The journal helps perfect who you already are, rather than trying to change who you are or how you see the world. Anytime I’m confused or feeling lost, I turn to this practice and I feel more connected. Not everyone can afford to spend the time and money on a therapist, but this journal is a total life-changer.

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A gorgeous journal, no pressure to fill it out daily. I use it when I am traveling and have time to connect deeply to inner guides.

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The perfect companion to a meditation or yoga practice OR great for offering thought prompts. I've offered it as a gift for those going through a Chakra Training weekend and it was ideal for helping to process and integrate energetic work.

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Elena is one of my greatest teachers and everything she creates makes it's way into my daily routines and rhythms. This journal is filled with soul-prompts, wisdom, and exploration into the very heart of this human experience. I recommend this book to everyone and love Elena's personal mission to get it into the hands of young children everywhere.

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