PAX: Clothes Steamer

Buy clothes steamer 2018 Powerful, Travel and Home Handheld Garment Steamer, 60 Seconds Heat-Up, Fabric Steamer With Automatic Shut-Off Safety Protection (PAX): Travel Garment Steamers

I’m not into ironing but I steam everything. I love this steamer because it’s super tiny and works quickly. I can throw it in my carry-on or an overnight bag. Because it’s compact, it heats the water in no time at all, so even if you’re rushed in the morning before work and you want to wear a top that’s wrinkled, you can literally steam it within a minute. Done.

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I'll never own another ironing board in my life. Not only does this save a whole lot of space, its so fast you'll never look back.

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This is so key for me as I travel so much. It’s cheap and effective - when I have something to do like a red carpet or a shoot, I use this to get the wrinkles out right before I head to the event!

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