NEOU OnDemand Fitness

"The Netflix of Fitness": Work out LIVE and ON DEMAND with the best instructors in the world without leaving home.

I am SO grateful, with my three kiddos 3-and-under, plus teaching all over NYC, that I can hop onto NEOU any time, any where, and get in a workout of any kind for any length of time. I have been doing video works outs for a long, long time, and their production quality is the best I have seen. Their instructors are incredible, and they even have meditation and physical therapy in addition to all of the traditional workouts you could imagine. You can do CrossFlowX™ with me, boxing with someone else, and kettle bells with one of the most famous fitness faces around! You can do it on your computer, television, or mobile device. NEOU literally takes all the excuses away, and I am so grateful that I CrossFlowX™ will be available 1/14/19, and that I get to use it any time I need!

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