Minimeis G4 Child Shoulder Carrier

MiniMeis is an innovative Norwegian-made, patented product that gives children a bird’s eye view. Perfect for curious children, who don´t like to sit in the stroller when not sleeping. It can be easily folded, so it´s great to bring on holidays! You carry the child in a comfortable and natural position as the weight of the child is placed on top of your shoulders, distributing the weight evenly through your body. As it leaves your arms free and is an amazing viewpoint for the child, it´s perfect to use on all kinds of hikes, when shopping, at the zoo, or simply to/from the kindergarten. We use it every day, and the children love it!

This is a such a cool product invented by a bunch of Nordic dads. You know how you put your kid on your shoulders and you have to have both hands holding them....well not anymore! This is basically like a chair on your shoulders and all of a sudden you can put your kid on your shoulders but now you have both hand's free. The Euro dads know what's up!

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