Mariage Freres Tea Paris-Ginza

Tea for an afternoon of haute couture! In the heart of Tokyo, the Ginza district vibrates; ultra chic, this mecca of luxury criss-crossed by avenues leading to splendid promenades comes alive by its skyscrapers rich with imagination, its high fashion window displays and the throngs of shoppers curious for the latest and greatest. This is where MARIAGE FRÈRES created its flagship boutique, way before it was in style, where those obsessed with le French touch and the lovers of French Tea come to play. This fusion inspired PARIS-GINZA, an elegant black tea offering the sweetness of a creamy caramel and the delightfully fresh aromas of red fruit. Black classical sealed canister containing 100 g of tea and presented in a gift box.

I love tea and this one especially puts me in a very inspired mood - it's black tea and it smells and tastes like caramel - amazing! I have a strong affinity for Japan and Paris and I was immediately attracted to the tea before I even got to try it, just based on it's name and appearance.

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