M-61 Power Cleanse Glycolic Face Cleanser

Hard-working, pore-purifying glycolic face cleanser washes away dirt, makeup and excess oil without stripping skin of its natural moisture. Glycolic acid works to remove dead surface cells and deep clean pores, effectively removing bacteria and impurities. Tea tree extract and Vitamin B5 are added to improve the look of blemish-prone skin, and provide a hydrating and soothing effect.

I found this tea tree cleanser while shopping in Blue Mercury. I didn’t know they had their own line of products until then, but I totally got sold on it. It’s a phenomenal product. My skin is very prone to breakouts and my life can be high stress at times, so it’s important for me to have a cleanser that gets the job done. It’s all natural and works wonders for me. I definitely would recommend this more for the summer than the winter because the effects can be drying.

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