Homesick Candles

Nothing is more powerful than a memory. Put yourself or someone you care about in a better mood with a Homesick Candle. Iconic designs and scents that will trigger the emotions and memories that make home a special place in your hearts. Made from all natural soy wax in the USA. Typical burn time is 60-80 hours. Hand poured.

I love to give these as a gift. The brand makes tons of different candles—all 50 states, tons of cities, and a handful of countries. Each is designed around scents native to that place. Each one smells amazing.

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Gorgeous and nostalgic - what more do you want from your candles? Simple and minimalist in design, the fragrances are subtle but powerful and really do evoke the sense of place (and things too). One of my favorite candles is the Book candle. Sorry, Kindle, but you'll never replace my beloved paper books - and this candle captures it perfectly.

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