Food52 Fish Turner with Walnut Handle

Every well-equipped kitchen needs a fish turner, that spindly-looking tool whose cutouts make it extra lightweight and far less likely to damage delicate foods on the pan. This fish turner is also razor-thin, allowing it to slip right under tender fish skins, paper-thin crepes, and just-set eggs. The walnut handle adds a touch of natural color and has a good weight for balance, so you can be at the griddle all morning.

Not just for fish, the fish turner or fish spat, as it’s called in our house, is great for turning almost anything: burgers, grilled cheese sandos, even pancakes can be effortlessly turned with this spat! It’s longer than most spatulas, thinner too, and still strong which makes it the only spat you’ll need. The walnut handle elevates it enough to even make its way on to your dinner table!

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