Command Wire Hooks

Command Wire Hooks, White, 16 Hooks, 24 Strips

This is another thing I recommend to my closet cleanse clients, which most of the time live in NYC rentals, so as much as we want to re-design our closets to work for us, we don't always have the opportunity to drill into our walls. I own my Brooklyn condo and built a walk-in closet, but I still decided to use these in their because I'm constantly moving things around and love that I can change a hook without damaging my walls. They have a variety based on your taste, including ones specific for jewelry but I love the modern stainless steel look of these.

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These hooks are so versatile...I used them for just about every Christmas decoration, for all my jewelry, for pictures and even in the kitchen for dish towels. My life before must’ve been nail holes and countertop clutter everywhere, so thank goodness for these little but mighty hooks!

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