Colugo Compact Stroller

This stroller folds with one hand, fits almost anywhere, and comes with a machine-washable layer. It’s everything you need to get out and explore the world with your mini partner-in-crime.

Great travel stroller! Folds up super easy and comes with a travel bag that can store in a plane’s overhead compartment. Plus the price is amazing!

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Invented by a dad who was the primary caregiver for his twins and couldn't understand why stroller prices were basically akin to a second mortgage in some cases, this stroller can fold up overhead on a plane, has a one button collapse, great under storage, and comes in Cameo so LOOKS COOL. I've used ALL the umbrellas and this one is a keeper. Not the cheapest, not the most $$ but it hits the boxes that you'd want in a travel umbrella stroller.

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