Champion Powerblend Boyfriend Crew Sweatshirt

Has a looser, boxier fit and exaggerated cuffs for that borrowed from the guys look. Just the right weight for warming up or when you want to reset after the gym. Our best-selling midweight Powerblend Boyfriend Crew is exceptionally soft with less shrinkage and pilling. Even better, it's responsibly made with up to 10% recycled fibers, so it's easier on the environment.

To be honest, my favorite sweatshirt is one I stole from my mom's closet years ago that has absolutely no tags or branding anywhere. But if I had to replace it today, it would be with this lookalike from Champion. Not only is it the same gorgeous jade color as my mom's (a nice break from my normal black), but it boasts a relaxed fit that's perfect for lounging. I also like that thousands of Amazon shoppers swear it's the comfiest crewneck they own, and it's only $25.

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