boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

This is a sleeping mask, so you would use it as the night time moisturizer for your nightly routine before going to bed. It’s a fast absorbing and gentle moisturizer with a subtle rose smell.

This is an amazing product for dry and damaged skin. I used to use this every night and woke up with soft, moisturized skin. I really found out just how amazing it was on vacation with my husband in Bermuda. He fell asleep without sunblock on in the sun and got a horrible burn on most of his arms, chest and legs. For lack of anything to put on it, I immediately found the most gentle and moisturizing thing in my makeup kit, which happened to be the Boscia sleeping mask. Not only did his skin stop burning, but after three applications it almost completely healed. So then I knew this was a miracle product.

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