Blinc Mascara

Blinc Mascara is the original tube-technology mascara.

I can’t remember when I found this mascara, maybe about ten years ago. I’m a die-hard because every type of mascara, no matter how waterproof, would smudge under my eyes not even an hour later. I looked drunk, or something…This mascara comes off in little tubes, so it doesn’t smear like other mascaras. It’s all I ever use. Every time I walk past a Sephora, I’ll pick up another one.

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The end of raccoon eyes. Every time I stray from this mascara I regret it. Slight downside is that sometimes the 'tubes' will flake off, but I consider this a small evil compared to other mascaras' issues.

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I was so happy to discover that tubing mascaras are a thing! I had the worst time with mascaras...they clump, they run down my's not pretty. This mascara from Blinc gives me million dollar lashes that look fake, and stays on ALL day.

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