B. Bungalow Bali Beach Night Fragrance

Sink into the sunset with this exotic blend of Australian sandalwood, Hawaiian island coconut and Tahitian vanilla. Unwind next to the fire, reflect on the day and find peace listening to the sounds of the ocean as you watch the tide roll out.Ingredients: Precautions: Responsible Packaging:- Alcohol- Flammable- Curbside recyclable carton- Water- Recyclable glass container- Fragrance                                                   Enter code SWEARBY for $5 off!

“My sisters, my mom, and I opened a store called B. Bungalow. It’s now the lifestyle brand of The Beachwaver, and there’s a whole backstory to fragrances for us. All of our hair products have an ‘aroma experience.’ Over the last 20 years of doing hair, people would always react to either the packaging or the scent of the products I was using on them. I felt like it was so important for people to have a nice aroma experience when they were washing or styling their hair, so before we made all of our products, we actually custom made our fragrances. When you’re making a product and mixing different, raw ingredients, the fragrance can get diluted or be overpowering, so you need to adjust it. We paid attention to fragrance-to-formula ratio in all of our products to really achieve the aroma experiences we wanted. And this one, this is my absolute favorite. It’s a little more warm and sophisticated than the others.”

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