Avanchy Baby Feeding Spill Proof Bowl

The perfect training baby bowls for your little angel. Goes great with its matching Stay Put Suction Divided Plate and 5 Mega Pack Bamboo Training Spoons. LESS MESS & STRESS baby food dishes easily attaches to any flat surface reducing spills, quick release tab at the bottom for easy removal. Lasting sustainable materials Organic bamboo and BPA free food grade silicone spoon, soft for gentle mouths and long enough making it easy for mom to reach. 5.5" Long & 0.6oz Light

I love this because there is a sort of suction cup under the bowl. It stays put on the highchair, so when Jack is eating out of it he’s less likely to be able to pick it up and throw it. It’s made of bamboo - it’s not plastic, so I use it for a lot of his breakfast foods like yogurt and oatmeal in the mornings.

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