Allyoos A Quick Clean

Basically, a gentle, quickish way to rinse hair clean without the suds. Sometimes you don’t need the whole shampoo and conditioner routine, and sometimes dry shampoo just doesn’t leave you feeling clean enough. A Quick Clean is a one-step wash that rinses your hair clean. It’s gentler than shampoo (no suds!), and leave

These. Products. As someone who gives zero Fs about her hair until I woke up one day and thought, "wow, it looks dull and not as thick and what happened to my waves!?!" These two products have changed the game for me. I don't know what is in these (well you can look it up) but the quick clean is basically dry shampoo but better. Sounds weird I know as you have to wet your hair but your hair air drys as if you've been on a salty beach all day but is clean. As a business owner and a mom, aint' got time to make my hair nice. This helps.

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