AKT: Studio Classes and on Demand Workouts

International fitness expert, Anna Kaiser, curates the best workouts from her AKT studios and private celebrity sessions, and brings them to you via AKT On Demand. From the gym, ​to the​ beach or ​your​ hotel suite, AKT's streaming workout videos are all you need to maintain your AKT badassery bod​y​ anytime, anywhere.

Of course I'd swear by this! I've curated all my best workouts from my studios and private celebrity sessions so you can experience them any time. Whether it's the gym, beach, or hotel suite, you can take the app to stream my workouts anywhere.

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The real deal. If you can't be in an AKT studio this is the next best thing.

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I take live AKT classes in both the Nomad or Upper East Side studios three times a week. Anna has such a positive and encouraging vibe--it's so much fun when she's there to teach a class, but her positive attitude permeates through all her instructors. It is such a fun workout--I particularly love the Mixer class.

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