Posh 2019 - 2020 Family Wall Calendar

Families lead very busy lives. What better way to stay organized than with this stylish and functional 17-month wall calendar? Each month from August 2019 to December 2020 is paired with a pleasing floral design and features a large grid where up to five family members can schedule appointments or activities...

I’m all about being organized as a mom and family. I love Family Calendars like this one because there is a space for everyone’s activities and there’s no more “When’s pick up? Where’s pick up? Who’s picking up?” convos. We tried to do this digitally but I truly believe seeing it and writing it down for all to see makes all the difference. I read about a family that does Sunday dinners to talk about the week ahead, and we’re going to work on doing this more so everyone is on the same page for what’s coming our way.

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