Swear Round-up September 14, 2018

Power Mamas Share Their Back to School Swears

Let’s face it—who really does back to school shopping before going back to school? We’d rather be at the beach. Plus, we love to assess the scene and figure out what we really need.  (And market research and trend-watching can never be taught too early).

We polled our tribe of powerhouse moms for their best back-to-school Swears—these are the backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles and snacks you need to know (and get) now. 

1. LeSportsac NoHo Backpack

Amanda Blakley is the travel editor at Crumb, and loves this go-everywhere bag. “LeSportsac is my forever favorite bag brand—my grandma got me hooked in the ’80s. Our whole family uses a variety of their sacs for travel and everyday. I have my eye on their NoHo Backpack for back to school.”  

'80s cult classic

2. Herschel Supply Company

Nilmarie Black doesn’t just model—she’s a doula, health coach and co-founder of Babu Village, a community of service providers to equip new and expecting parents. “Herschel is my go-to company for backpacks,” she says. “We bought the girls backpack and case sets that have successfully traveled the world with us, with very little wear and tear. They last forever which is a blessing and a curse because the girls want new bags for this school season but their Herschel bags have held up so well that I would feel guilty purchasing new ones. I would highly recommend these as an investment for the kids!”

Teach them Quality over Quantity

3. STATE Bags

We had more than one mama rave about this social-driven brand. Denise Woodard, founder of Partake Foods, “loves the social mission” of STATE—and we couldn’t agree with her more. Founded by a husband-and-wife team of social entrepreneurs, STATE gives back bags to children in need, as well as leads social initiatives like their #WhatDoWeTellTheKids project—which encourages marginalized populations to share their stories around social injustices across the U.S.

Ashley Gaffney, founder of branding, strategy and design house AGD Studio, is “in love with the Kane backpack from STATE in metallic,” while Hitha Palepu, author and founder of lifestyle blog Hitha On The Go, ops for the ode-to-Star-Wars Stormtroopers print: “It fits my three-year-old’s back perfectly, and it’s roomy enough to fit all of his belongings.”

STATE of Mind

4. PlanetBox Rover Stainless Steel Lunchbox

“Truth bomb,” Blakely admits, “I would rather do 10 loads of laundry than pack one lunch. But when it comes to making said lunch, PlanetBox Rover is the best way to do it. It was the single best item I bought when our eldest, Atticus, started ‘big-boy school’ two years ago. The nifty compartments help you build a healthy, well-portioned meal with nary a wasteful plastic container in sight. We just bought a second one for our youngest who will be heading off to pre-K this Fall.”


5. OmieBox Insulated Bento Box

With two different temperature zones (how hi-tech is that?!), the OmieBox is “awesome for hot and cold” meals, says Woodard. At last, the yummy remains of your pasta dinner and a fresh fruit salad can happily coexist in your kid’s lunchbox.

Running hot and cold

6. Thermos Funtainer Food Jar

Black says she’s “old school when it comes to packing my kids lunch for school. I’ve never been one to buy the ‘cool’ lunchbox for the girls because they never end up as you purchased them with all of the inevitable spilled drinks and leftover foods. Instead, I’ve gotten both my kids a classic Thermos to keep their warm foods, warm and their cold foods, cold.”


7. Bento&Co. Maison de Lunch

“Any type of bento box, hands down” wins on Gaffney’s lunch box radar. “Bento&Co. has so many cute options, and right now we’re rocking this Maison de Lunch.”

For Palepu, “these bento boxes have been a godsend—they come three-in-a-pack and are BPA free and dishwasher safe. The clasps are tight enough to withstand an earthquake, and the compartments keep my kid’s food separated—which is a must.”

Making Lunch Fun

8. Closca Water Bottle

“Our whole family carries these beautiful Closca bottles,” says Blakley. “I love that they are functional, but also lovingly designed. Their mission is to change the way we find, carry and drink water.”

Form + Function

9. Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottles

For Black’s little girls, “I’ve gotten them both Simple Modern Ascent water bottles to keep them hydrated throughout the day. These are great for all ages because they’re built to last and they don’t leak! I also avoid buying the tiny water bottles, even for my little one, because I’ve learned that they tend to drink more than I’ve expected.”

Simple Modern

10. Camelbak Eddy® Kids

The Camelbak Eddy® Kids in a shark pattern is Gaffney’s pick. “The ‘Big Bite’ straw makes it great for tiny mouths, and no spills.”

Shark Bite

11. Pura Kiki Water Bottles

“Stainless steel FTW,” boasts Woodard. These nontoxic-certified Pura Kiki bottles make everything from vacuum-insulated straw bottles to a sports version for teens and, of course, you!

Pura Vida

12. Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

“Every member of our family has a Hydro Flask, [my son] Rho included,” says Palepu. “The kids’ version has an easy-to-drink straw top, keeps water cold for hours and is easy to clean.”

Hydration 101

13. SunButter with Rice Cakes

“My go-to snack is rice cakes with sunflower seed butter or Kind bars for the kids,” swears Blakley.

Spread the Love

14. Partake Foods Cookies

“Shameless plug,” admits Woodard. “We make delicious, nutritious, school-safe cookies that are free of the top 14 allergens.”

You'll want to partake

15. Foodstirs™ Organic Chocolate Coconut Chewy Oat Bar Mix

“My little man loves a good bar!” says Gaffney. 

Stir it up

16. Annie’s Extra Cheesy Cheddar Bunnies

“Rho loves all things Annie’s Bunnies,” says Palepu, “but the extra cheesy cheddar ones are his (and my!) favorite.”

Say Cheesy
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