Swear Profile November 28, 2017

Life Through Glitter-Colored Glasses: Anahita Moussavian

Our friend Anahita is the urban fashion editor who somehow manages to work sparkles into every outfit. And it works. Every time. The spare bedroom in her NYC apartment bursts with rolling racks filled with bigtime designer frocks, each one prettier than the next, and each with a whimsical or candy-colored quality that just makes you smile. Her accessories table is a high-wattage experience that brims with sparkle, shine, and glittery trinkets ranging from high to low, quirky to understated. Her spirit animal? Unicorn, of course…but perhaps centaur-ed with a little Carrie Bradshaw. Apropos, considering that Sarah Jessica Parker named a shoe after Anahita. No big deal. Of that honor, Anahita says “It’s surreal. I still pinch myself. I was at NYU at the time of Sex and the City, and love her and Pat Field and everything they did for women my age who were trying to figure out their aesthetic.” Well, she seems to have figured it out. And we love it. Here, our friend Anahita shares 5 of her optimistic, sweet and stylish Swears:

1. SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Anahita

“I am inspired by the idea that you wear what you love and feel good – no, great – about it. The shoe is really beautiful. It’s rainbow and sparkly and really magical. It’s definitely one of the most major honors I’ve ever received. And her shoes are so well made. I live in them. If I’m not wearing Vans, I’m wearing SJP.”

Our wildest dreams - a sensible heel with outrageous style

2. Juliette Has A Gun Eau de Parfum Spray, Not A Perfume

“My coworker introduced me to this perfume – though the name is Not A Perfume – seven years ago and have not worn anything else ever since. I’m completely obsessed. The packaging is minimalist, pretty, and feminine. The fragrance is very clean…it’s made from one base note. I’ve literally had everybody – friends, editors, cab drivers even! – ask for the name of this fragrance so they can buy it.”

Shop the Perfume that's NOT a Perfume

3. Cafe Bustelo Espresso Ground Coffee

“I am a coffee gal. I probably drink 4-5 cups a day. On the weekends, one of my favorite things to do is to make coffee at home, which I don’t always get to do. I lived on the Lower East Side for a bit and I discovered Café Bustelo at Essex Street Market and I was very drawn to it, of course because of the retro street packaging, but the coffee itself is absolutely amazing. I’m not a fan of high-end coffee – I’m the kind of girl who will pick up coffee from a street cart – but I think this just sits perfectly in the middle.”

But First, Coffee

4. Mophie Powerstation

“Especially with my job, being active on social media and constantly sharing what I’m seeing, I’m on my phone all day long and the battery drains so quickly. Mophie is my right hand because I can charge my phone on-the-go all day. I have two Mophies and I alternate and charge each one overnight.”

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5. Roots Sorority Jacket

“I’ve had this jacket for several years now. I just love how I can wear it almost year-round. From fall transitioning to winter, you can throw an overcoat over it and in the spring time you can just throw it over a light dress. It’s sporty but feminine and personalized in a way that really suits my aesthetic.” [Editor’s note: the company no longer customizes, but you can add your own flair by taking the basic jacket and adding pins or patches. Or, customize a denim style instead.]

See Similar Styles at Roots
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