Swear Profile November 5, 2017

“Buy Only Awesome Things,” Says SwearBy’s Kate Foster Lengyel

Hi, there. I’m Kate: Brooklyn mom of two, former fashion marketer, and founder of SwearBy.  I started SwearBy because I felt like it was difficult for consumers to know who to trust out there for really good product recommendations. The rise of “influencer marketing” creates so much noise with all the #sponsored posts from bloggers who are paid to shill. The best way to find really good stuff is through honest-to-goodness recommendations from friends who have nothing to gain, other than a sense of satisfaction from helping out. Everybody is obsessed with the number of followers as a metric to gauge whether someone is influential, but I think we’ve got it wrong. I’ll listen to a trusted friend before any career blogger. And in my eyes, that makes my friend an influencer, too. With the SwearBy app, we’re finding a better way to do social recommendations and building a community around authenticity and awesome things. We’re obsessed with asking, “What do you SwearBy?” because a Swear is a solemn vow. You can rely on a Swear. I’ve left the corporate world to give this idea a go, and while I’m adjusting to my new life as a sweatpants CEO, I am so energized by the good Swears out there. On this site, I’ve asked my friends to share a few of their favorite things and I invite everyone to share their Swears (from beauty products, to books, kitchen gadgets and more) in the SwearBy app. But first, here’s a little taste some of the things I SwearBy…

1. Radio Flyer Wagon

“Disclaimer: this thing is bulky and you’ve gotta have the space for it, but if you do, you can easily get your kids to hop in and go anywhere with a smile. Farmers Markets or school drop-offs are fun in this wagon, especially when two kids can face each other and ride as a team. And it’s a “friend-making” toy at the playground…everyone wants a turn.”

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2. Magnatiles

“These are an ‘investment toy’…not the cheapest thingamabobs in the world, but you get a lot of bang for your buck with these super-versatile magnetic building blocks. Magnatiles have a looong lifespan; we got them when my daughter Ryan was about 2 years old (now she’s 6!). Because my son and daughter love them equally, this toy is constantly in play. Archie and Ryan will actually play (somewhat nicely) together, adding little cars to make garages or little animals to build pretend zoos.”

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3. Elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46

“As a fair gal who spent every second of my childhood baking in the Southern California sun, SPF has become my new religion. I got turned on to this SPF moisturizer by my dermatologist, and I’ve been using it daily for nearly 2 years. It’s perfectly lightweight…the SPF isn’t chalky…and doesn’t make me break out. Swear.”

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4. Laura Mercier Lipstick in Red Amour

“My go-to red lip shade. Brightens my complexion and makes me instantly look (somewhat) pulled together.”

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5. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo

“One of those beauty staples I’ve been using forever…I love Bumble and bumble everything, but the Thickening Shampoo helps add body to my superfine hair. I’m also into the Thickening Conditioner and Mousse from the same collection.”

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