Swear Profile November 6, 2017

Our Source for Literally Everything: Jessica Wei

For us, Jessica Wei is that person. The person with unbelievably great taste who always knows the hottest, newest, and best in her TriBeCa neighborhood and beyond. Need a spot for dinner? She’s got it. A gift idea? Done. A page-turner? She’s read ‘em all. When we interviewed her for this profile, she had so many good Swears, we couldn’t feature them all here (so follow her!). Jess manages to have her finger beautifully on the pulse of the latest and greatest while she juggles her dual role of fashion marketing consultant and mom of two adorable boys. See what Jess Swears By below and see why she’s our trusted source for, well, everything.

1. MY BRILLIANT FRIEND by Elena Ferrante

“This is the first book in a series called the Neapolitan Novels.  I raced through all of them.  It’s translated from Italian, but the writing is incredible.  Poignant and very personal, the series gives insight into female relationships over a lifetime.”

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2. Plus-Plus Mini Maker Tube

“My kids love to build with these little puzzle pieces. I bring them to restaurants to keep them occupied and you can just sweep them back into the tube for quick clean-up.”

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3. Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic Anti-Aging Serum

OK, full disclosure…it kind of smells bad and tingles when you apply it to your face. BUT, I love how this serum brightens and improves the texture of my skin. I’ve heard it’s the brand’s top seller, which makes a lot of sense.”

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4. Mustella Stelatopia Moisturizing Emollient

“I use this for my kids and for me. We use it for the body and face – all over! – especially in the winter. It might be too thick for some people’s faces but it really works for us. I especially love it because it really helped with my kids’ eczema.”

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5. Lululemon Inspire Tight II Yoga Pants

“These are my favorite yoga pants. Instant tuck and tightening, but you can move easily in them. And they make your butt look good.”

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