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How to Get the Perfect Blow Out: What Celebrity Hair Stylist Dominick Pucciarello Swears By

When working a photo shoot or on call for a famous client, a professional hair stylist rolls deep — like rolling-suitcase-deep, bursting with hundreds of products, tools, and extensions. It’s best to be prepared. But for mere mortals like us, our call time was 5 minutes ago and backstage is our bathroom with the one burnt bulb that’s been pestering our weekend to-do list forever. We’ll get to it; swear. Thankfully, renowned hair designer Dominick Pucciarello is here to give us the goods on a pro-quality blow out with just five products that he swears by (no luggage required). Dominick is the go-to hair pro of supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, ahem, Ashley Graham(!). He trained under the big names like Serge Normant, Italo Gregorio and Edward Tricomi, and became a guru of goddess hair in his own right. Dominick comes from a family of hair stylists, but as a kid, he resisted the lure of the family business and dreamed of the glitz and glamour of another field—accounting. You know, like most kids. We’re glad that didn’t happen, and so are his uber-sexy clients. See below for the products that Dominick swears by for the perfect blow out, giving you the angel hair you’ve always dreamed of (we’re still trying to find the person giving out the wings).

1. Oribe Gel Serum and Oribe Rock Hard Gel

“Protecting your hair with a primer is a must before any heat is applied,” instructs Dominick. But, did you know any product functions as a protectant? We didn’t. Dominick loves the Oribe Gel Serum because it’s an all-in-one that gives shine, holds and conditions. “I use it on all hair types, but if you have fine hair, use less and don’t apply to the roots.” His trick of the trade to give hair a bit more body is Oribe Rock Hard Gel. “Use a dime size amount and mix it with the gel serum in your hand.”

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2. Serge Normant Meta Lush Volumizer

“This is a must have for fine hair. I spray it pre-blowout, section by section, to add volume.” Bonus pro hair tip: “Apply your products into the hair, not on top of the hair. Work from the inside out.”

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3. Ibiza Round White Boar Bristle 

“I swear by this round brush to help straighten curly and textured hair because it creates the tension needed for straightening. Metal brushes over-dry and break the hair.” Another hair secret for thick, textured and curly hair? “Apply a dime-size amount of conditioner, section by section, to wet hair before the blow out and leave in.”

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4. Mason Pearson Popular Brush

We’ve long heard stories about the pricey Mason Pearson brushes from London but we’ve always hesitated. Until now. Dom says it is “the best, hands down, and completely worth it.”  The brush boasts two types of bristles, boar and plastic. “The boar gives you tension without ripping your hair and the plastic helps hair shine. I can get tension and movement with the brush. But, it takes some practice. You can buy a less expensive brand to practice what it’s like using a flat brush with the blow dryer, making sure not to melt the bristles from the heat. Once you get the hang of the movement, it’s so much easier.” So, practice, then buy the real deal.

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5. Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer

Dominick says this is the lightest of the heavy-duty dryers. “I like it because it has a powerful blower and it gets hot. Always make sure the back of your blow dryer is clean to allow the air to flow. And, you must use the nozzle. It’s the only way to control the air flow.” To create sexy volume, Dominick says to take the top section and blow dry it forward and then flip it back. “I like to use the cool setting at the end.”

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