Swear Profile November 6, 2017

High-Design Swears from Architect Tommy Zung

We might have a little crush on our friend Tommy Zung. Tommy transforms what it means to be a designer in today’s world, delivering emotive work that is crafted down to the very last detail. His style embraces minimalism with an energetic quality…a balanced perspective on art and design that has been influenced by his years spent surfing all over the world. When it comes to making a purchase, Tommy does his homework. He doesn’t want just stuff, so he looks for technology, quality construction, and beautiful design to make his purchases last. Tommy has impeccable taste and a generous spirit; he always knows just what is needed to make any occasion extra special. He’s a stickler for handwritten notes (he has the best penmanship we’ve ever seen) and even uses his own wax seal (Mr. Regal). Tommy travels at the drop of a hat and keeps his essential Swears packed and ready to go, so we were jazzed when he invited us to his cool Lower East Side apartment to show us what he Swears By.

1. Leica TL2 Camera

“The design of this camera is insane and Leica’s mirrorless technology is so well done. The picture is so clear, the color is crisp and it’s fast to shoot. It has really cool settings and it’s easy to use. If you wanted, you can prop it up on a tripod and sit back and shoot from an iPad. It’s beautiful. I bring it everywhere. Everywhere.”

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2. Le Labo Vetiver 46 Shower Gel

“My friend Fabrice started Le Labo and I love the purity of the brand. They use a minimum amount of chemicals or additives and take care in how the ingredients are sourced. The branding is on point. I normally like Rose, but this Vetiver body wash smells incredible. I always have a Le Labo travel fragrance in my suitcase, as well.”

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3. Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones

“These headphones are very well-balanced. They are made incredibly well and are not as clunky as those big ones. The headphones come in a nicely designed leather box with extra parts, so it’s easy to customize or repair. I’m all about efficiency. The microphone is very clear so I just sort of tuck it in my shirt and wear it all the time. They just work really well for the money and look good.”

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4. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

“I don’t like going over the top with a lot of stuff. I’ve been using this dry oil for years. I put it on my hair and face and I’m done.”

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5. Raden Suitcase

“I don’t want to knock those other bags, but Raden suitcases are just way better. Japanese wheels and zippers, sexier design, TSA lock, two USBs to charge your phone, and GPS so I always know the location of my bag. It weighs your bag through an iPhone app, which is helpful when traveling in Europe. I travel every month, sometimes at short notice, so I always keep my bag packed with some essentials. I’m infatuated with good technology and efficient and beautiful design. This is it.”

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