Swear Profile November 21, 2017

Good Swears in Your Future: Celebrity Spiritualist Angie Banicki

Sit down with Angie Banicki, and in no time, your spirit is elevated to a higher plane.  This completely inspiring new mom is one of the most in-demand spiritual guides and tarot card readers in Hollywood. [Editor’s note: we are sworn to secrecy, but you’d die if you knew who her clients are.] A travel virgin at the age of 29, Angie decided to explore the world and write a book about her amazing journey.  It’s all very “Eat Pray Love” and we’re into it. Angie has always had a knack for connecting people (she was once an entertainment publicist), and is the one everybody turns to for advice. She won’t divulge any celebrity secrets, but she did clue us in on some of the best Swears for young moms like her.  As the one who Hollywood trusts with career and relationship insights, we’ll gladly trust her for a good Swear.

1. Farm Fresh To You

“Obsessed. I started using this service a few months ago after my baby because I didn’t have time to go the farmer’s market. Fresh vegetables delivered right to your door. Sometimes my boyfriend and I customize our box and have a make-your-own-pizza night.  It doesn’t get better than that!”


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2. Ergo Baby Carrier

“I would recommend this to every mom. I live a pretty active lifestyle and this allows me to experience hiking and other adventures with my child.  And it doesn’t hurt my back, like every other brand I’ve tried.”[Editor’s note: Her baby, Charlotte, is impossibly cute.]


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3. Ritual Vitamins

“I’ve been using Ritual vitamins for about a year and I’ve been totally blown away by the change in my skin and general mood, without upsetting my sensitive stomach.  It’s a simple vitamin subscription service, so I never have to think about running out.  Plus, it’s vegan and non-GMO”

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4. Mother's Milk Herb Teas

“As a new mom, I’ve really found this tea to be helpful in a number of ways.  First of all, it kinda tastes like black licorice, which is strangely calming.  Second, it promotes healthy lactation for young mothers like myself.  It’s caffeine free, so I don’t have to worry about drinking it at night.”

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5. Spotify

“My must have. I would spend my last dollar on this.  It allows music to be a real part of my life, and it’s discovery features never fail to deliver. “

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