Swear Profile March 20, 2018

Get it Together, Already! Renewing, Organizing Swears from Busy GirlBosses

If you’re like us, the start of the new season feels like we’ve turned a page and anything is possible. It feels like THIS is the moment to start some healthy new habits, check off a box that’s been lingering on the to-do list, or finally get organized. And what better season than Spring to embrace this major renewal vibe? That’s why we’ve gathered four of our favorite female entrepreneurs to give us some get-it-together good advice on turning over a new leaf this season. See what these B-U-S-Y bosses swear by.

1. Declutter Like a Pro

Jean Gordon is a wardrobe stylist and closet organizer whose holistic philosophy transforms closets into workable, well-organized spaces so a perfectly curated wardrobe can shine. “Think of your closet as you would any other room in your home, no matter how big or small it is,” says Jean. The first task? De-clutter. As you begin to edit items, ask yourself, “If I were shopping right now, would I buy this?” Jean swears by slim line hangers as a uniform, space-saving upgrade. “Everything will look clean and cohesive and you’ll gain a considerable amount of space.” Then, eliminate all the unnecessary stuff like dust bags, shoe boxes, etc.”It’s unlikely that you’ll ever need them, use them or miss them.” Jean uses Command Hooks to keep track of all those “wardrobe extras” that typically get shoved in the back of your closet or onto the floor, solving the “out of sight, out of mind” conundrum. “Command Hooks are great because they’re easy to install and remove,” swears Jean. Finally, once your closet is perfectly edited and organized, “make it your style sanctuary; make it shoppable.” A simple tray can corral daily essentials, keeping everyday favorites in plain sight. “This tray is a great landing pad for the items you use and wear most often, like sunglasses, jewelry, etc. You’ll see everything at a glance, which makes getting out the door quick, easy, and stress-free.”

2. Keep it Simple + Multi Task

Lindsay Knaak-Stuart, the founder and CEO of multitasking beauty brand Meant, is a die-hard minimalist and self-professed neat freak. A 20-year fashion and retail veteran turned beauty entrepreneur, Lindsay is a Brooklyn-based mom who created Meant to be the non-toxic, multitasking solution to our busy lives. It’s no surprise, then, that Lindsay is all about keeping it simple with products that can pull double (or triple) duty, including:

1) a natural, 2-in-1 furniture and upholstery cleaner that cleans both hard and soft surfaces, with an irresistible fig scent

2) a cheek-and-lip stain duo, with collagen-boosting properties and buildable color that helps you “edit your makeup bag while making it look like you actually got some sleep”

3) the Whole Shower Set from Meant, “is a minimalist’s shower dream,” says Lindsay. Made with natural, organic and certified organic ingredients, all formulas multitask in two to four different ways, like a hair conditioner that’s also a shave cream. “I’m able to shorten my morning routine and make it to school drop-off in time, plus the products look good on my clutter-free shelf.”

3. Clear the Air + Indulge in Good Vibes

Ashli Stockton, the “CEO of Leisure” and visionary behind cult-favorite brand Sunday Forever, is also a bit of a life coach, as far as we’re concerned. Her can-do, no-BS, free-spirited vibe is the breath of fresh air that always makes us feel like it’s the first day of Spring. Her secret to cultivating good energy? “My morning routine is very important and allows me to start the day feeling energized and prepared. Now that I run my own business, I get up earlier than usual. I start the day with coffee in bed, then I make my award-winning smoothie, and I glance at my calendar so I have a general idea of flow of the day. I aim for a 5-10 minute meditation, and try to get to Pilates at least 3 days a week. If I can do all of the above on a regular basis, I’m golden.” Ashli’s Sunday Forever bounty includes crystals, sage, air detoxifying spray and candles to ward away negative energy. Like Jean, Ashli is also a former retail merchant who is a huge fan of a tray. “I feel like I have trays on trays on trays. Everything is in a tray. I even have trays that are in trays. I also keep all of my empty candle jars to store brushes and q-tips, etc. Everything has a place around here and I love it.”

4. Nurture Yourself, Inside and Out

Sylwia Wiesenberg is the founder of two good-for-you concepts—DOPE Naturally, a collection of pure food ingestible powders that promote beauty from within, and Tonique Fitness, a unique, intense fitness method with a worldwide following. Known for her contagious energy and obsession with superfoods and fitness, Sylwia is also known for a pretty hot Instagram that showcases her enviable bum. But we digress. Sylwia believes that beauty and wellness are inseparable, and pure ingredients can significantly improve the way we look and age. “Avoid supposed quick fixes,” Sylwia says. “Movement and food are two ingredients for ageless beauty and endless energy!” Her DOPE detoxifying and restoring powders feature adaptogens that provide clarity, energy, a revitalized glow, or other factors to improve beauty, wellness, and ultimately, our outlook. “Food is my drug and I use it to feel great and achieve a high, while movement makes me feel happy, confident and invincible. The Spring is a perfect reminder to stay focused on your goals, enjoy the beauty in life, move more, and complain less.” Dope advice.

5. Enter for Your Chance to Win a SwearBy Spring Renewal Prize, valued at $1000 [contest closed!]

With the help of our incredibly impressive GirlBosses, we’ve assembled a “Spring Renewal” package of items we Swear By, to help you get organized and get it together. Valued at $1000, the package includes a $250 online gift card from Meant, organizing essentials from wardrobe stylist and closet organizer Jean Gordon (tray, 3 hooks, and hangers, valued over $300), 4 ingestible beauty powders and a sweatshirt from DOPE Naturally, and a package of crystals, candle, and air detoxifying items from Sunday Forever valued at $200. To enter to win, simply follow each brand on Instagram — @swearby @sundayforevernyc @meantsimply @dope_naturally @jeangordon.style — and tag a friend.


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